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    A trademark is a sign with distinctive capacity to identify products or services, allowing the consumer to differentiate them in the market. Trademarks allow a consumer to relate a product or service with the company providing the latter, including their reputation in regards to quality, trust and other values so important in the moment of a purchase decision.

    This is why Trademarks can become the most valuable asset of a business and should be carefully selected and protected.

    A registered trademark is an exclusive right that is granted to the owner for a limited period of time (10 years, renewable) to identify specific products and services. Its careful selection, registration and custody become a must for any business.

    Our firm can provide valuable assistance in every legal aspect related to trademark s, locally and internationally, thereby mentoring your main business asset.


      When industrial innovation occurs there are two options open to the inventor .One is to try and exploit the innovation and profit by maintaining it as a secret, and the other is to seek profit through legal exclusive use protection called Patent of Invention, also known as Patents.

      Patents therefore should be associated with novel and absolute inventiveness in the industrial field that seek to obtain recognized exclusivity in a given country or region.

      Argentine Law, in accordance to TRIPS Agreements, gives the Patent owner the exclusive right to manufacture, offer for sale, sell or export the patented product or process, during a sole period of 20 years as from application date.

      A patent of invention, while granting exclusiveness to the inventor, allows him to recover his time and money investment, and being able to exploit it commercially whether by direct use in the industry or indirectly through licenses to third parties.

      Our firm has adequate expertise to assist you in determining the novel innovation aspect that you may be developing in your research and development department, and how to go about getting Patent registration locally and internationally.



        Innovations of a minor range, which do not fulfill the requirements to be a Patent of Invention because of their lack of absolute novelty, can be subject of an exclusive right, the Utility Model.

        Minor Innovations may seek this protection if they offer functional advantages such as the novelty in the disposition or configuration in known objects such as tools, work instruments, utensils, devices and equipments or known objects used for a practical job, as long as they provide a better use in the function they are intended for. The Utility Model is granted for a sole period of 10 years starting from the application date.

        Our firm has adequate expertise to assist you in determining the minor novel innovation aspect that you are developing, and how to go about getting a Utility Model registration locally and internationally.


          Industrial Models and Designs provide protection to the external aspects of industrial objects, such as the shape, configuration, pattern or ornamentation of a product, package or industrial machine.
          New Designs on known or new consumer products is becoming a determining factor to increase customer attention and preference when deciding a purchase .These new creations deserve protection to maintain market advantage.

          Industrial Models and Designs are granted for 5 years, and can be renewed in two consecutive periods of the same number of years.

          Our firm can assist you in applying and obtaining legal protection in this area, both locally and internationally.


            Protection over Vegetable Obtentions grants exclusive rights to those persons or corporations developing and obtaining a novel vegetal variety or plant (seeds, plants, fruits). Through its registration, its commercialization in our country is made possible, as well as the starting point in order to obtain its protection in other countries, thus rendering its export and/or exploitation of said variety in those countries of interest.

            DOMAIN NAMES

              Registrations of domain names extends the protection obtained by the registry of a trademark and should have the same priority.
              Currently, the domain names have been growing in importance as businesses are carried out or promoted through the Internet. Thus, including this resource in the commercial strategy of your trademarks is a key factor.
              Our Firm performs the preliminary inquiries and the domain name registration in the national (.com.ar) and international (.com /.net) level.
              Its registry is vital in order to avoid third parties from appropriating your trademark or business name to promote other products or services through the Internet.


                In our country, the flow charts and source codes of the software are protected by the Author’s Rights, being their protection equal to the literary works. In this sense, the owners of software enjoy the same protection granted by the law to the authors of literary works, applying all the rules pertaining to the same, both for the rights as well as for the validity term.

                Nevertheless, the particular nature of the software, which generally requires the collaboration of several people for its development, determined the establishment of a special provision for the works carried out under employment granting the software ownership to the person, an individual or a legal entity, which hires the programmers to create the software, unless agreed on the contrary.


                  In English spoken countries, Author’s Rights are known as Copyright, which is translated into Spanish as the right to copy. The owners of Copyright have the right to action against copies of original works without consent. The original works may include drawings, articles, software and written material.

                  The Copyright does not have to be registered since it exists automatically when a new work has been created.